Wedding dress as enigma created by Adyghe designer

ADYGEIYA, September 8, Caucasus Times – Asya Eutykh, an Adyghe craftswoman who had made scores of real pieces of art in jewelry, miniature sculpture, metal works designed a wedding dress for Rim Brahimi the bride of the prince of Jordan Ali Ben Al Hussein, which has not yet been seen by anyone except those who attended the wedding ceremony.

That was an agreement between the craftswoman and the prince, Asiya Eutykh said in her interview with Caucasus Times correspondent. The silk-muslin-satin dress that has already become an enigma was designed and decorated according to Adyghe traditional fashion. In two months over the dress had been created in a workshop in Nalchik. Instead of the traditional gilded embroidery the craftswoman has ornamented the dress with strings of golden and silver fine trefoils, imitating Adyghe embroidery. Asiya finished the dress with perfect shoulder decorative plates with silver with golden tiny bells and a little gilded dagger in silver scabbard.

Seeing the completed work, the prince known for his devotion for the Adyghe national style was just at a loss, Asiya was quoted as saying. Noteworthy, Asiya and Ruslan Tourkav, her husband and aide appeared to be the only Russian guests invited to the wedding party.

The prince Ali and Asiya first met several years ago, back in 1998, when the prince escorted by guards had accomplished his long-planned trip on horsebacks to the North Caucasus from Amman, Jordan. The idea was staged to repeat the route of a tragic exodus of Adyghe people expelled from their homeland by the Russian army to Ottoman Empire late 19 century. Asiya completed 16 sets of weaponry made also in Adyghe style, such as “shashkas”, the cavalry swords, daggers for prince Ali and his guards all dressed in traditional outfit. They have been friends since then, the Adyghe craftswoman in Maikop and Ali Ben Al Hussein.

Once the prince had to receive a residence permit in Adygeya republic and he asked as expected Asiya’s help. Eventually, Ali was registered at his friend’s home in Pionerskaya Street, in Maikop. Since then Asiya has been paying public utilities costs for her family and the prince of Jordan Ali Ben Al Hussein of Hashemite who “has to pay” every quarter about $1 for garbage removal as an ordinary local of Maikop, Adygeya.

Larisa Hakouz, Caucasus Times, Maykop.

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