Virus, which caused mass hen plague in Dagestan, proved to be a bird flu

DAGESTAN, 16 February, Caucasus Times. On Wednesday, Federal Veterinary Service confirmed that unidentified virus, which was killing hens in poultry farms in Dagestan proved to be a bird flu.

According to TV Channel NTV, experts from the Russian Veterinary Control Office told that this virus proved to be so called flu A.

In the words of Nikolai Vlasov, Deputy Chief of Russian Veterinary Control Office, virus of flu A has several modifications including notorious H5N1, which caused death of a number of people in Southern and Eastern Asia and now also in Europe. But experts believe that this type of flu can cause death of people only under very specific conditions.

NTV reported that Dagestani authorities are currently identifying those people who are breeding hens for sale or for private consumption. All persons who have more than 500 hens have been already identified. Now local authorities are identifying places where hens are dying of the flu.

At the same time, Veterinary Control Office told that final conclusions about the reasons for mass hen plague in Dagestan will be announced until 21 February.

Caucasus Times

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