UN High Commissioner on Human Rights does not think she has a right to give instructions on how the problems of the North Caucasus should be solved

PRAGUE, 22 February, Caucasus Times. UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Luisa Arbur is going to share her thoughts and impressions about her trip to the North Caucasus region with Dmitry Kozak, Presidential Representative in the South Federal District. At the same time, Luisa Arbur does not think it would be possible for her to give any precise instructions on how regional problems can be solved.

In Luisa Arbur’s words, she can propose a number of complex decisions, but she believes it would be too arrogant from her side to do something like that after only three days spent in this extremely complicated area. Therefore, she is going to share just her general thoughts and impressions.

“When you are coming to North Caucasus, on the first day you have impression that you know absolutely nothing about what is going on in the region. In the middle of your trip you have a feeling that you understand everything, but when you are leaving this region, you understand even less than on the first day of your arrival”, – Luisa Arbur said.

In the framework of her visit to North Caucasus, Luisa Arbur visited Chechnya, Ingushetia and North Ossetia.

Caucasus Times

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