Two suspected rebel accomplices detained in restive village in Dagestan

Dagestan, 7 May, Caucasus Times: Rebel accomplices were detained in a search operation in the village of Gimry in Dagestan’s Untsukulskiy District on 7 May.
Officers of the criminal search department and special police unit of the Dagestani Interior Ministry detained residents of the village, 21-year-old Abdurashidov and 19-year-old Ismailov, yesterday [as given], a source in the Dagestani Interior Ministry said. The law-enforcement agencies have information available saying that the young men have been helping members of Ibragim Gadzhidadayev’s gang since 2007.
Gazimagomed Alimirzayev was detained in the same village yesterday. According to the police, he supplied Gadzhidadayev’s rebels with food, clothes and ammunition. An investigation into the case is under way.
The special operation that started by the Dagestani security agencies in Dagestan’s Untsukulskiy District on 16 December 2007 is still continuing. The reason for starting the special operation was the murder of 36-year-old member of the Dagestani People’s Assembly Gazimagomed Magomedov. Nothing has been reported as to when the special operation will end.

Adlan Tekuev, Grozny, Caucasus Times

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