Two suspect militants detained in Chechnya

CHECHNYA, 26 March, Caucasus Times – A reporter of the Caucasus Times has received information from the joint press center of the headquarters of the Russian Interior Ministry in the Chechen Republic that in Nozhai-Yurtovskiy District, local resident Aisolt S. was detained on suspicion of participation in the “national guards of Ichkeria” led by Shaikhamat Edilov.

In the same district, in the course of investigations, local resident Zaur M. was detained. According to law-enforcement officers, he was a member of the criminal group headed by Makhsulta Arsaliev, who is a militant leader and is currently in hiding in Germany.

The detained says that he was a head of engineering equipment warehouses and carried out orders related to internal needs. In Oktyabyrskiy district of Grozny a flare shell with a caliber of 152 mm was discovered. The ammunition was taken away and handed in at the district department of the Interior Ministry. In the same district, in the basement of one of the houses on Khasaviurtovskaya Street, an object was found which looks like an unclassified shell in the state of deep corrosion. The item was removed and taken to the district department of the Interior Ministry. Over the last 24 hours 62 crimes were registered, of which 56 have been solved.

Bulat Tamaev, Grozny, Caucasus Times

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