Two militants killed in a special task operation of law-enforcement agencies

INGUSHETIA, November 10, Caucasus Times – A firefight between a militant group and the police came Saturday in Nazran of Ingushetia.

The incident occurred about 5 p. m. in Bekov street near Nazran downtown, the Interior MInistry said in an interview with the Caucasus Times correspondent. The local law-enforcement agents attempted to detain suspects allegedly linked with the militant forces.

Two suspects rendered fire and were eventually killed, in the firefight. The third militant was delivered to local hospital with gunshot wounds.

“The survived detainee appeared to be Islam Halikhanov, the resident of Chechnya. The killed persons are being identified. At the moment we’ve been conducting investigation into the case to establish the linkage of the suspects with terror attacks in Chechnya and Ingushetia,” an unnamed police officer said.

He added that Russian troops deployed in Nazran participated in the special task operation.

Ruslan Adayev, Caucasus Times, Chechnya

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