Two Armenians kidnapped in Ingushetia

INGUSHETIA, October 14, Caucasus Times – The other day, two masked gunmen burst into a house in Nasir-Yurt of Nazran district of Ingusheita and abducted two residents of Armenia.

One of the kidnapped persons, Artur Petrosiyan, 27, hired as a photographer, journalist, by ‘Ingushetia’ local newspaper three years ago. Eventually, his family moved to Ingushetia as well, the Prosecutor’s office of Nazran district said in an interview with the Caucasus Times correspondent.

At predawn, about 4 a.m., unknown gunmen burst into the house the Petrosiyans rented. At the moment of attack there appeared to be six people in the house, Kristina, Eleonora, Aram, the journalist’s relatives and his guests Alexander Pashaiyan,27, and Mr. Marshiyan. The criminals seized Artur and Alexander Pashaiyan, dragged them out and pulled them into a car. The suspects also pillaged some golden articles, two mobile phones and a camera of the journalist and left the scene with two victims.

According to the victims relatives, criminals released one of the kidnapped persons, Alexander Pashaiyan. Artur’s whereabouts have not been established as yet.

The Prosecutor’s office has instituted an action, conducting investigation into the case. The police hunt down the suspects who apparently hold Artur to ransom.

Malika Suleymenova, Caucasus Times, Ingushetia

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