Top Moslem clerics to teach young people traditional Sunni Islam

INGUSHETIA, November 5, Caucasus Times – The top Moslem cleric, muftis said in their statement at the meeting with the teachers of educational institutions of the republic they were going to conduct regular meetings with school and college students to teach them traditional Sunni Islam in pursuit to thwart Wahhabists efforts to bring this false teaching to Ingushetia, Musa Yevloyev, a mufti board representative said in his interview with the Caucasus Times correspondent.

According to the cleric, the project will focus on promoting healthy way of life, counteraction of drug addiction, extremism and Wahhabism ideology. One of such meetings has been held at a Karabulak grammar school lately. The school students have been taught basic Islam rules as a school subject since last year.

Since now, the students will be trained by Moslem clerics to be able to distinguish the true Islam from all false and sect teachings.

Mr. Yevloyev was quoted as saying, “we have decided to arrange such meetings, because the children should receive true information of what the heart of Islam is. We are in pursuit of better understanding by the children of how harmful the false interpretations of Islam could be for the children would never be led astray,” the Moslem cleric said.

The religious figures intend to involve the students’ parents to reach greater efficiency of the meetings, because the main responsibility for children’ future lay squarely on the parents’ shoulders, the cleric said.

Malika Suleymenova, Caucasus Times, Ingushetia

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