Three bodies of militants identified in Dagestan

DAGESTAN, September 21, Caucasus Times – The militants killed Sunday in a special operation in Dagestan, have been identified as Zurab Abdullayev, Albert Abduyev, who went under nick-names “Khamzat” and “Said” and Idris Bakkunov, nick-named “Islam”, the Interior Ministry officials said in an interview with Caucasus Times correspondent. Zurab Abdulayev, a hot suspect who had escaped after killing two police officers August 17 in Kaspiysk; Albert Abduyev wanted for an alleged assassination of Mohammed Salikh Gusayev, the republic’s minister on national affairs and communications back in 2003 in Makhachkala, was a member of a militant group led by notorious Chechen warlord Rappani Khalilov. The third militant was believed to have been sent by Chechen warlords together with Makarsharipov still wanted, to plant the terror underground in Dagestan.

The police blamed on Idris Bakkunov the killing of four police, assassination of G. Adjamatov, the chief of Kirov district police station in Makhachkala and scores of other terror attacks. There are two more militants destroyed in the late police sweep to be identified.

Earlier, the Interior Ministry had pledged to pay $50.000 as the bounty for any information on the group. The Medium-Orient correspondent quoted the sources in the police as saying the militants were tracked down and wiped out after an informant had given them a clue.

Abdul Suleymanov, Caucasus Times, Makhachkala

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