The refugees’ urgent appeal to the presidents’ sense of justice

On August 11, about 190 Ingushi residents of a refugee camp in Karabulak of Ingushetia appealed to Mr. Putin and Ziyazikov for urgent help.

Just a week ago 33 families (190 men), who live in the ad hoc temporary camp for internaly displaced persons situated on the territory of “Avtodor”, the production association in Karabulak city, have been notified they should leave the territory of camp on August 11. Otherwise, the “Avtodor” administration board worned, the camp would be pulled down all those 29 tents where the refugees live in by bulldozers.
According to the refugees, Mr. Gorchkhanov, the manager of the production association justified his decision claming that so far the migration agencies of Russia and Ingushetia had not transferred money as rent payments fixed by contract. In this connection, Mr. Gorchkhanov was quoted as say, the only alternative is to drive the people out the territory of the organization.

“We are being just mocked and humiliated,” says Laila, a 37-year-old woman who lives in the camp. “Actually, we’ve been charged either you get out while the getting is good or they’ll kick us out with the tents altogether! This is said and done regardless of Putin’s and Ziyazikov’s constant promises that no one will be forced out of the camps. Who can we trust to?”

Today, the completely despaired Chechen refugees, residents of the ‘Avtodor’ camp have telegraphed to both Presidents with urgent request to step in the situation to prevent the arbitrariness. “We ask you,” the message reads, “to carry out extraordinary measures to prevent violence. We are threatened and compelled to leave the camp, but we don’t want to go back to Chechnya”.

The telegrams were wired in the afternoon, a resident of the camp said, adding “this is our last chance.”

Malika Bagayeva, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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