The nominated candidates running for the Russian Duma seat delay registration

ADYGEIYA, October 14, Caucasus Times – As yet not anyone of several candidates campaigning for the deputy seat has come through the registration procedures in the electoral commission of the republic.

Actually, the delay is due not only to the complicated procedure for candidates obtaining voters signatures to submit the lists to the electoral commission, Yury Khut, the head of Adygeiya Electoral commission, said in his interview with the Caucasus Times correspondent. He was quoted as saying “candidates hope to leap into a last railroad passenger car of the leaving train to avoid thorough documents check”.

There 19 candidates campaigning for a deputy seat in the legislative body to represent Adygeiya to the Russian Duma according to the majority electoral system. Only ten candidates were nominated by the regional parties including the leading “United Russia” party, the Communist Party, ‘Right Forces Union, Social-Democratic party (former President Gorbachev party), Agrarians party etc.

Thus far, “United Russia” party has turned out to be the biggest with its 3.000 members. The second comes the local Communist Party with 1.300 members.

Larissa Hakuz, Caucasus Times, Adygheiya

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