The government to crack down on those in arrears on credits

DAGESTAN, October 7, Caucasus Times – Speaking at a session of local government focused on the problem of repayment of budget credits the first vice premier Gaji Gajimohomedov said the authorities should crack down on the state-run enterprises and ministries, which had been in arrears to have the money repaid to the budget, the parliament press service office told Caucasus Times correspondent.

Audit officers, Interior Ministry, Finance Ministry, Prosecutor’s Office have been charged to inquire into the cases and file criminal cases of embezzlements, breaches of contracts to prompt the debtors to repay the budget money, Mr. Gajimohammedov said adding the officials would be hearing the cases monthly at the government sessions, the press office said.

Rashid Kaplanov, Makhachkala, Caucasus Times

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