The debts exceed 83 millions rubles

ADYGEA, August 5, Caucasus Times – A republican interdepartmental commission to liquidate debts to employees of different enterprises was formed by President Sovemen’s decree in the republic.

Today, the deputy prime minister of Adygea and the head of commission Skhatbiy Vorokov, has conducted the first meeting. For now, the debts exceed 83 million rubles and the situation at different enterprises where employees are not paid is getting worse, the official said.

Largely, about 75-78% of debtors are agricultural enterprises. Organizations financed by the federal or the republic’s budget make up the remainder. There are a few municipal services of different districts of Adygea, which have not paid their workers.

Taking an action against such debtors seems to be the most effective method to solve the problem, said the Prosecutor’s Office of Adygea which is to enforce labor legislation. Recently, the Prosecutor’s Office instituted proceedings against the directors of three enterprises and two of them have liquidated the debts immediately and the cases were closed.

Caucasus Times

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