The Caucasian web portal was subjected to a massive DDOS attack on 26 January

Prague, 27 January, Caucasus Times – According to the project manager, Osman Mazukabzov, about 9,000 computers started sending empty signals to the server of at 0900.

He said that the server went dead as a result of the unprecedented massive attack which lasted the whole day. Experts of the APlusHosting company started searching for the attackers as soon as the attack was detected. Experts say that the DDOS virus was invented specially for an attack against

“When the virus was put onto the Internet, it took hold of 9,000 computers and at a fixed time they started sending empty inquiries to the server, thus blocking inquiries from real visitors,” Mazukabzov said.

The names of the attackers and their motives are not yet known, but the project manager said that, taking into account’s intensive activities in the political life of the Caucasian republics and the organized nature of the hacker attack against, one can say with confidence that there are political motives behind the attack.

Islam Tekushev, Caucasus Times, Prague

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