Terror act prevented in Ingushetia

On June 20, law-enforcement agencies successfully prevented terror bombing attempt at the “Magas” airport in Ingushetia. At 12.20 p.m. Moscow time a car was stopped at the airport parking lot by traffic policemen who conducted routine identity checks of a driver and a passenger.
The latter tried to escape while the police was checking driver’s license running away with a sack in his hand but was
eventually detained. The drivers managed to disappear but the police has his license. “We are carrying out some measures to detain the disappeared driver who was identified as Liyanov. Another suspect, Gazhaborshev, a local man has being interrogated,” said Ruslan Pliyev, a senior officer of the traffic police department. “The detainee had a
device for remote controlled explosive. We had checked the airport area but no explosives have been detected. The high threat measures remained elevated at the airport territory.

Malika Bagayeva, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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