Tent camp ‘Bella’ doomed to termination

Since September 1 ‘Bella’ refugee tent camp must be pulled down by the
order # 234449 of Yunash I. B., the head of the IM Federal Migration
Control Service.

Such announcement signed by administrator of the camp was displayed to
view in ‘Bella’ camp located in Ordjonikidzevskaya village. On
September 1 Akhmed Parchiyev, the head of the Interior Ministry
migration department of Ingushetia and Mr. Pomeschenko, a
representative of the Federal Migration Service as well as activists
of the Chechen Committee for refugees visited the camp.

“They arrived in several cars with an armored vehicle as convoy,” told
the inhabitants of the camp. “They have given us a week to abandon the
camp. Otherwise, as those officials warned, we would be forced out of
here. They did not offered us any option, where to go.”

The Chechen refugees are extremely disturbed by the situation. They
consider the attempt made by the officials to get “Bella” camp removed
as a bit by bit process of deportation of the Chechen refugees from

Nevertheless, the authorities of Ingushetia ruled out any possibility
the refugees would ever be forced out. They acknowledged the ‘Bella’
camp had been planned to be removed very soon, but after all the
authorities of Ingushetia are not going to push the refugees, Ali Daud
Parov, the chief of Ingushetia’s migration service department was
quoted as saying in his interview with the Caucasus Times
correspondent .

The decision was due to a small number (slightly above 700 who
actually made their mind to go back to Chechnya) of residents remained
in the camp, Parov reasons, so it turns out unreasonable to waste
money for supplying the small settlement with gas and power. He added
the refugees have no reasons to be uneasy. If the refugees would want
to stay they are allowed to settle in any camp in Ingushetia.” he

The official noted just an application is to be submitted to the
Migration Service office of Ingushetia to stay in the republic.

Malica Suleimanova, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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