Task agents sweeping a local policlinic

On August 21, federal task forces agents detained and wounded five young men while they were having medical treatment in a local policlinic in Ordjonikidze village of Sudzha in Ingushetia. Two of the detainees are believed to die due to gunshot wounds they received in the raid.

By all accounts at about 3 p. m. several cars drove in the territory of the policlinic with some masked gunmen. Without an excuse they barged into the building with their common “Freeze!” and began grabbing the young men who happened to be in there.

“There were about 20 gunmen. They dispersed all around corridor and took aim at us, ordered not to move,” told a nurse of the policlinic. “People got panicked. A young man who with his sick leave came to his doctor, having seen the gunmen dashed to the exit. The servicemen opened fire on him and he fell wounded”.

He appeared to be Idygov, a 20-year-old local man of Nesterovskaya village. When the man fell the gunmen ran up to beat him with the butts of their rifles then threw him in a minivan they arrived in. Thus far the injured man’s whereabouts and his health condition have been reported.

As the doctors told, four more young men were caught by the task agents in the sweep. “The two were seized in a dressing ward, others, in a corridor. All of them were severely beaten up, and the militaries just dragged them out,” remembered a doctor. “These here guys were hardly associates anyhow, because they would came to the policlinic
differently,” he said.

The doctors and nurses attempted to interfere, but the agents made them standing by the wall and pointed the guns at them. The policlinic personnel remain in a state of shock.

Two persons were reportedly wounded, or possibly killed and three detained in this so-called special task operation conducted in the regional polyclinic. According the eyewitnesses some of them were residents of Ingushetia. There were no accurate reports as yet. The prosecutor’s office officials of Sunzha district denied to comment the case.

Malica Suleimenova, Ingushetia Caucasus Times

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