Сriminals involved in hostage-taking activities have been detained in Karachevo-Cherkessia

KARACHAEVO-CHERKESSIA, 2 December, Caucasus Times. Three criminals who took hostages several employees of mobile communication office of “Evroset’” company in Karachaevsk, Karachaevo-Cherkessia, have been neutralized by the members of law enforcement agencies.

Representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office in Karachaevsk informed Caucasus Times correspondent that last Thursday around 19:30 Moscow time three persons in masks burst into the office of “Evroset’” and took hostages three employees of the office. Criminals were especially interested in money and mobile phones.

“Department on duty of the Office of Internal Affairs in Karachaevsk was informed about the incident by militiaman who accidentally became a witness of the incident. The whole area in the vicinity of the incident was blocked; members of law enforcement structures started negotiations with the criminals. However, the criminals responded to the proposals made by militiamen by opening gun fire”, – representatives of Prosecutor’s Office informed.

Fortunately, there were no casualties in the course of the exchange of fire. All criminals were detained; their personalities were identified. Sub-machine gun, pistol and sawn-off gun were confiscated and are being currently examined.

Prosecutor’s Office in Karachaevsk initiated a criminal case in connection with the incident according to the article 162 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation (robbery committed by a group of people), article 317 of the Criminal Code (enroachment on the life of the member of law enforcement agencies) and article 222 (illegal acquisition, carrying and keeping the arms).

Caucasus Times

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