Speaker of local parliament to be blackballed for improper behavior

ADYGEIYA, September 19, Caucasus Times, – Political council of regional branch of “United Russia” party has resolved its member and at that the speaker of lower chamber of local parliament Mukharbi Tkharkakhov had discredited the party image by his improper behavior.

The September 17 session was closed, however, an official told Caucasus Times correspondent on condition of anonymity the immediate council session’s agenda included a case of improper behavior of the “United Russia” member to be considered at the request of Ruslan Hajibiyekov heading the party’s Political Council who said he had been recently insulted verbally by Mr. Tkharkakhov.

The latter was enraged just because the head of the Political Council informed him of an appointed session of United Russia council through his secretary but not personally, Mr. Hajibiyekov was quoted as saying. He was backed by Tatiana Petrova, the chairwoman of parliament’s upper chamber evidencing Mr.

Tkharkakhov did swear at her repeatedly in public using unprintable words.
Since the council has no authority to expel Mr. Tkharkakhov from the United Russia party the issue has been postponed until the party’s conference to be held soon.

Mukharbi Tkharkakhov who had headed the Cabinet before 2001 is being considered a candidate most likely to be appointed for the prime minister office still vacant. Among those seeking the office was said to be Ruslan Hajibiyekov, former Tkharkakhov’s assistant in Adygea’s government, now running the regional Pension Fund and heading United Russia party in Adygea.

Larisa Hakouz, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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