South Federal Region organizations in arrears

STAVROPOL TERRITORY, August 27, Caucasus Times – The budget and private organizations remain in arrears, not paying their employees, the South federal district office press service report said.

The debt of local budgets to be paid as a salary to the employees of state organizations at total makes 2884,7 million rubles turning out the one of the most serious problems in local economics. Krasnodar Territory budget leads having a debt of 851 million rubles, the least in Ingushetia 23,5 million.

As of now, the republics and territories of the region that have not fulfilled their obligations: Stavropol Territory – 200,5 million rubles, Adygeiya – 83 million, Dagestan – 69,4 million, Kabardino-Balkariya – 71,7 million, Kalmykia – 47,4 million, Karachai-Cherkessia – 71,2 million, North Ossetia – 120,6 million, Astrakhan region – 105,6 million, Volgograd – 528,9 million, Rostov – 722,2 million rubles.

Statistics report said in the last two months only two territories have increased their debts, namely Ingushetia (from 18 million up to 23,5 million) and Astrakhan region (from 94,7 million to 105,6 million). The rest have succeeded in cutting their debts paying off the salary.

The Prosecutor’s Office has instituted scores of criminal cases, the report said.

The directors of state organizations were enforced to liquidate the debts. Several cases are expected to be tried in the district courts. At least 191 officials have been called to accounts, 1195 cases to be tried in courts. Most cases, were largely registered in Krasnodar Territory, Rostov area, Kabardino-Balkariya and Dagestan, the report said.

Maria Voloshina, Caucasus Times, Stavropol

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