Shipping from Sochi to Sokhumin suspended due to Georgia’s ‘shoot-and-sink’ threats

KRASNODAR TERRITORY,August 5, Caucasus Times – The management of Russian Sochi seaport have suspended “Acacia” and “Platan” boats shipping from Sochi to Sokhumi since Georgia threatened to open fire on ships which “illegally” enter the waters of its breakaway province of Abkhazia, Caucasus Times correspondent reports citing a source in Sochi seaport administration.

President Mr Saakashvili announced on TV on Tuesday that his forces were ready to sink shipping off Abkhazia. The wind 12-19 km/hr was a formal excuse for the seaport administration’s decision. For now, the boats, which regularly carried tourists from Sochi to Sokhumi on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays are laid up at the port.

Last Friday, a Georgian patrol boat fired shots at a civilian Turkish vessel that entered the Black Sea waters of Abkhazia.

Caucasus Times

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