Services employees protest demonstration in Maikop

ADYGEIYA, October 20, Caucasus Times, – The demonstration organized by the regional branch of Russian Association of employees of nonproductive labor unions came October 20, at 10 a. m. in Maikop in spite of the downpour. The protest action has taken place across the nation. Here in Maikop over 1,5 thousand rallied at the plaza of Lenin under the banners of former Soviet Union. No Russia’s state flag has been noticed around.

Delegates from all nine districts of the republic arrived in Maikop to take part in the protest action. There were largely services workers, teachers, doctors and culture institutions employees at the plaza. Only a few local lawmakers attended the demonstration and no representative of the executive power. Besides, the communists appeared to be the only political party at the meeting who came with their traditional red banners to support protesters. Local workers have expressed their solidarity with the teachers.

The resolution adopted at the meeting reads “the Russian Federation government policy has been aimed at the destruction of intellectual elite of the society.” The protesters demanded the pay raise twice as much by the end of this year and to double the salary since January, next year.

Dinara Yemizh, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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