Scores of demonstrators in Russia’s provinces speak out against Putin’s overhaul of electoral system

PRAGUE, October 28, Caucasus Times – Thousands of protesters rallied on October 28 at 1 p. m. in seventy provinces of Russia to protest the overhaul of political system proposed by President Putin and to be ratified by Russian State Duma. Supporters of different political parties and organizations, namely Right Forces Union, “Apple,” “Free Russia,” communists, “Committee 2008,” etc. took part in the meetings and stood at pickets round the nation.

Liberal parties have planned to rally its supporters on October 29 in Moscow at the protest meeting. At least two hundred activists of Right Forces Union and “Democratic Union” gathered today at “National Hotel” demonstrating their disapproval of the Kremlin’s initiatives.

The demonstrations of protesters came simultaneously with those orchestrated by the official “United Russia” political party, which were intended to show public’s approval of Putin’s proposals.

Caucasus Times

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