Russian watchdogs urge President Vladimir Putin to negotiate with Maskhadov

PRAGUE, February 7, Caucasus Times – A number of Russian human rights organizations and a group of prominent public figures have addressed to Russian President Vladimir Puting urging him to stop the long-term Russo-Chechen war in response to announced ceasefire by Chechen rebels’ leader and to called for peace negotiations with Aslan Maskhadov.

“Mr. President, we urge you as the Commander-in-chief and defender of constitutional rights of the citizens of Russia, including the right to live, to order federal forces in Chechnya also to cease fire and to appoint a delegation for peace talks with Aslan Maskhadov to negotiate political settlement,” reads the letter posted on the Website of the Russian public organization “For human rights.”

Among those who endorsed the appeal are the Moscow Helsinki group, the Committee “For civil rights”, the Public Fund “Glasnost”, the Committee “Civil assistance”, coordinative committee for refugees and displaced persons, the Center of the public information”, the “Memorial” Rights Center, journalist Anna Politkovskaya, Russian movement “For human rights”, the Museum and Public Center of Andrei Sakharov.

Caucasus Times

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