Russian State Duma wants to get detailed information about the clashes with the militants in Stavropol Region

MOSCOW, 22 February, Caucasus Times. Russian State Duma is going to ask Russian Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service to provide detailed information on circumstances of the clashes between law enforcement agencies and illegal armed group in the village of Tukui-Mekteb of Stavropol Region on 9-11 February this year.

On Wednesday, State Duma authorized parliamentary Security Committee to deal with this issue on the initiative of Alexander Ishenko, Duma Deputy from Stavropol Region (“United Russia” faction).

Parliamentarians want to get detailed information about the participation of non-specialized units of Stavropol Interior Office in the operation against militants as well as information about circumstances of heavy losses law enforcement agencies suffered in the course of this operation. As a result of the operation, seven Stavropol militiamen were killed and four were injured.

In addition, Security Committee of State Duma is planning to request information related to additional measures taken by law enforcement agencies in connection with the latest developments in Stavropol Region and in Dagestan aimed at “counteracting activities of the illegal armed groups”.

Caucasus Times

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