Russian State Duma is going to discuss draft statement stressing that the influence of special services on NGOs is intolerable on Wednesday

MOSCOW, 25 January, CaucasusTimes. On Wednesday, State Duma included in its agenda consideration of the draft statement “On inadmissibility of the influence of special services on the activities of non-commercial and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)”.

According to a draft version of the document, State Duma is going to express its concern over the facts of financing NGOs from abroad and, in particular, by the employees of the British embassy. State Duma intends to draw attention of OSCE and Council of Europe parliamentary assemblies to this fact.

Draft statement stresses that “practice of interaction of special services members and NGOs deserves to be condemned by the parliaments of the European states”.

It is worth of mentioning that this scandal was caused by TV report broadcast by the State Russian Television. Members of the Russian special services told in the program “Special correspondent” of “Rossia” TV channel that they managed to detect a hiding-place with a special transmitter designed as an ordinary stone.

In the words of the Russian counter-inlelligence officers, information was sent to and received from a special transmitter using pocket computers. Members of the Russian Federal Security Service told that they detained Russian citizen who was trying to get contact with British special services using this scheme.

Authors of the TV report told that one of the employees of British embassy who was noticed near the hiding-place paid money to Russian non-governmental organizations including Moscow Helsinki Group.

Program of the Russian TV channel showed some episodes recorded by hidden videocamera during the operations of the Russian special services.

In the meantime, British Foreign Office expressed its “concern and surprise” by the declarations broadcast by “Rossia” TV channel.

Declaration of the British Foreign Office says: ”We reject any allegations about any inappropriate actions in our relations with [Russian] non-governmental organizations. It is well-known that British government is providing financial support to the projects of the Russian non-governmental organizations in the field of human rights and civil society. All support is being provided transparently and is aimed at building civil society in Russia”.

Lyudmila Alekseeva, Chairwomen of Moscow Helsinki Group, said that TV program broadcast on Sunday evening is another episode in the process which she called “a company against human rights activists”.

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