Russian FSB announces of the death of Al-Qa’ida deputy envoy to North Caucasus

INGUSHETIA, November 3, Caucasus Times – Russian Federal security service announced the agency had destoyed a high ranked Arab mercenary who was a right-hand assistant to Abu-Havsa, the “Al-Qa’iada” envoy to the North Caucasus region, the INTERFAX agency reports citing the FSB press service.

The Arab mercenary, a Syria citizen, Marwan was said to be destroyed on December 25 in a special forces operation conducted recently in Ingushetia.
Nicknamed as Abu Habib, “White Arab”, Ahmed Sambiyev, “Turk Murad”, Marwan has been an active member of the rebels’ movement since 2000. Besides, he belonged to notorious warlord Hattab’s inner circle. Back in 2001-2002 he led a band of militants and mercenaries from Middle East and Asia. Since 2003, he had been an acting deputy commander succeeding Abu Al Valid, killed by Federal Security agents.

The FSB said the Arab mercenary had been training young recruits to manufacture improvised bombs and lay them. Mr. Marwan was in charge of distributing among insurgents financial support coming from the terrorists centers abroad.
“Besieged by special forces Mr. Marwan returned fire and was destroyed. His mimed body was identified by Marwan’s wife and his body guard according to judicial procedure,” the Russia’s Federal Security Service said.

Caucasus Times

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