Round table devoted to the relations between Adygean and Chechen youth took place in the internal affairs office in Maikop

ADYGEA, 9 December, Caucasus Times. A round table devoted to the relations between Adygean and Chechen youth took place in the Internal Affairs Office in Maikop.

Timur Kudinetov, activist of the public movement “Cherkessian Congress” in Adygea and one of the participants of the round table informed CaucasusTimes correspondent about that. Heads of the major confessions of Adygea also took part in the round table – among them, head of Muslims of Adygea and Krasnodar Krai Nurbii Emizh, archbishop of Maikop and Adygea Panteleimon, representatives of the “Union of Slavs of Adygea” and the representatives of Azerbaijani community of the republic. As Kudinetov noticed, representatives of mass media did not attend the round table.

Vladimir Kotlyarov, Chief of Internal Affairs Office of Maikop opened the round table by stressing that the problem of relations between Adygean and Chechen youth, especially student youth, is getting more and more burning issue. In comparison to last years when conflicts between Chechens and Adygeans used to happen only at the beginning of the academic year, now those conflicts are becoming more frequent throughout the year.

Participants of the round table proposed to discuss the problem at the governmental level and to ask deputies of the parliament and President of Adygea to draw the attention of the leaders of Chechen Republic to this problem. In the opinion of the round table’s participants, there is a need to establish direct contacts with Chechen public and religious organizations and to solve this problem in close cooperation with the Chechen side.

It is worth to notice that according to some unofficial estimates, number of Chechens living in Adygea, particularly in Maikop, is approximately 10 thousand people.

Aslan Shazzo, Maikop, Caucasus Times

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