Residents of “Alina” refugee camp to be relocated

INGUSHETIA, December 2, Caucasus Times – Tents in “Alina” refugee camp are being dismantled, residents of the camp located in Ordzhonikidzevskaya village of Sunzhensky district of Ingushetia to be displaced to other camps in the republic, the Migration control department officials said in the interview with the Caucasus Times correspondent.

Since the residents of “Alina” camp, at least 1.000, have moved to Chechnya recently, the camp was doomed to be pulled down. As of now, there are over 40 tents remaining in the village. In the next two days, the residents should be relocated to “Satsita” camp nearby, the department said.

The officials pledged they did everthing possible to ensure the refugees their elementary needs so they would not have complains. “The refugees should be relocated yesterday, but the administration preffered not to disturb them, until they facilitate the move to “Satsita” camp, and all utilities would be installed in their new homes. Besides, the refugees will be supplyed with the new tents,” an unnamed employee of the Migration service department said.

Malika Suleymenova, Caucasus Times, Ingushetia

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