Rebel group in Russia’s Dagestan spread leaflets in mosque

Dagestan, 11 February, Caucasus Times: Leaflets containing an appeal to Dagestani residents by the Seyfulla group of the Shari’ah jamaat of Temirkhanshura (the old name of the town of Buynaksk) were disseminated among parishioners of the Buynaksk mosque on Friday [9 February].

The appeal-cum-leaflet read that “any support for infidels against Muslims is kufr (disbelief)”. “Any individual joining a kafir organization (organization of infidels) shares its status.”

The authors of the leaflet declared employees of these organizations “enemies of God”. “Reform yourselves, leave this dirty work, do not force us to destroy you,” they appealed to “those who work for infidels”.

According to Shari’ah, an infidel is subject to death penalty.

Sergey Svetlov, Mahachkala, Caucasus Times

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