Rally in Chechen capital demands local youth do military service at home

Chechnya, 5 March, Caucasus Times: A rally is being held in the centre of Groznyy against the military registration and enlistment office’s intention to send recruits from Chechnya to other regions of Russia to do their military service.

Chechen Ombudsman Nurdi Nukhadzhiyev said that the rally was organized by the Public Chamber, the Coordinating Council of NGOs, students and recruits’ mothers.

He said that that he had information about servicemen from Chechnya being harassed on ethnic grounds. “Current recruits are children of war, who have not undergone social rehabilitation, and they should not be sent to other regions when xenophobia is prospering in our country, and media is inciting Chechenophobia,” Nukhadzhiyev said.

He said that young people from Chechnya must do their military service in Chechnya for the time being. He said that they were capable of doing their military service properly and that they had proven it in two task force police regiments in the battalions Sever [north], Yug [south], Zapad [west] and Vostok [east] in Lebanon.

Nukhadzhiyev also said that recruitment of young people to other regions should be started after five years when they will feel normal attitude towards themselves, but for the time being military construction and railway regiments should be formed in the republic.

Bulat Tamaev, Grozny, Caucasus Times

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