Putin’s envoy to the North Caucasus region to check investigation into recent arrest of Ramzan Kadyrov’s sister

DAGESTAN, January 13, Caucasus Times – Dmitry Kozak, special envoy of the Russian President Putin to the South Federal District, has met with Interior ministers of Dagestan and Chechnya, Caucasus Times correspondent reports citing the Interior Ministry of Dagestan. The top Kremlin official intended to help to resolve a conflict ensued as a result of recent detention of Ramzan Kadyrov’s sister Zulai by Dagestan patrol police on a check point in Hasavyurt of Dagestan.

According to earlier reports of the Interior Ministry of Dagestan Zulai Kadyrova and two police officers of Chechnya escorting the woman were heading for Dagestan when their car was stopped by the local police at the Gerzel checkpoint on January 10. Since the woman did not have any ID, the Dagestan police said, she was detained and kept under arrest in a local police station. Soon at least several hundred securities of Chechnya’s President led by Ramzan Kadyrov himself came in force at the scene and stormed the police station to release the Chechen top official sister.

However, the Chechen story contradicts the reports of their Dagestan colleagues. The Chechen officials denied any force had been used in the release. Dagestan police let the woman go, according to Interior Ministry of Chechnya, after deputy Interior minister of Chechnya Hamzat Gusseinov had had talks with Dagestan police of Hasavyurt.

As of now, an ad hoc committee of Dagestan is investigating into the incident at the site. The republic’s Interior Ministry has ordered patrol police to tighten security measures at the border with Chechnya.

Rashid Kaplanov, Makhachkala, Caucasus Times

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