Public urges Adygeyan president to sack capital’s mayor

ADYGEYA, 8 December, Caucasus Times. President of Adygeya Khazret Sovmen was presented today with a petition singed by several public organizations and local branches of parties such as the Council of Maykop Workers, the regional branch of the Communist Party, Adyge Khase and the Cherkess Congress, who called for the resignation of Maykop mayor Nikolay Pivovarov, a deputy of the [upper house of the] State Council – Khase of Adygeya, Aslan Bezrukov, has told the Caucasus Times.

The deputy said he met the president twice today and that the president promised him to take measures, but didn’t specify them.

It must be remembered that there has been a great response from the public on the results of checks carried out by the prosecutor’s office on the observance of the law in the capital.

The checks revealed that 558 violations of the law and 123 other breaches were committed in the first nine months of this year alone. In all, five criminal cases have been launched and 84 people have been punished on disciplinary charges stemming from 208 reports by the prosecutor’s office. Addressing the Maykop town administration on 11 November, Adyg prosecutor Mikhail Prikhlenko said that “all municipal structures are being commercialized, municipal property is being used illegally and private businesses are coming under unprecedented pressure”.

Aslan Shazo, Maykop, Caucasus Times

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