Prohibition is enacted in Shali district till Ramadan is over

INGUSHETIA, November 5, Caucasus Times – Recently, Ruslan Badalov, the chairman of public organization “Chechen Committee for National Salvation” has brought an action to Nazran regional court against the Migration Service director Ivan Pomeschenko, who faces charges with offence and defamation.

The Chechen watchdog considers the official is to be called to account for his public defamatory allegations and offences against Mr. Badalov.

“The official’s abuses must be stopped. At first Mr. Pomeschenko said in his interview with the “Prague Watchdog” journalist, alleging me of a payoff of the refugees campaigning against their return to Chechnya. Second, at a meeting with the displaced persons in “Bella” camp the Russian official publicly had offended me, calling me, I quote him as saying, “a subversive element who bribed the Public Council of the refugees so that the people would not be able to return and settle normally at their new place.”

Mr. Badalov considers, that such statements offended not only him but also thousands refugees, who were also indirectly alleged of venality.

Now, Mr. Pomeschenko should offer real evidences of the charges in court. Otherwise, he must openly apologize for his false charges against the human rights activist and to pay the pecuniary damages established by the court.

Mr. Badalov said in his interview with the Caucasus Times agency, his claim has already been accepted for consideration by Nazran regional court and its decision is expected very soon.

Malika Suleymenova, Caucasus Times, Ingushetia

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