Prime minister office still vacant

ADYGEIYA, October 21, Caucasus Times, – The president Khazret Sovemen of Adygeya has a meeting with local legislators today in Maikop to consider their proposals on appointment of several nominees for prime minister office. The meeting was conducted in private, however a participant of the meeting told Caucasus Times correspondent on condition of anonymity there were seven nominees to be picked up by President Sovemen. Among the contenders were parliament speaker Mukharby Tkharkakhov, his deputy Yury Astrov, director of Technological University Aslan Tkhakushinov, chairman of the executive committee of the regional branch of “United Russia” Alexey Luzin, etc. No candidate has been approved by the president as yet.
The former prime minister Khazret Khuadeh, the third sacked in late two and a half years by the president due to “mismanagement and for his huge pockets (greased palms),” the president was quoted as saying at the session of legislature.

Dinara Yemizh, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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