President Putin’s envoy to southern Russia urges crack down on crime in Dagestan

DAGESTAN, December 3, Caucasus Times – Speaking at his meeting with the State Council deputies and the government of Dagestan in Makhachkala Dmitry Kozak said the authorities should crack down on crimes in the republic. “We should stop the crime wave that has overwhelmed Dagestan. Law-enforcement agencies of the republic should increase the effectiveness solving serious crimes,” Caucasus Times quoted Mr. Kozak as saying.

Putin’s envoy to the region has compared today’s Dagestan with a war zone saying that the circumstances demand special measures. The authorities need to act in coordinated manner. “They are obliged to protect the society from numerous criminals,” Mr. Kozak said.

This appeared to be the first visit of Dmitry Kozak to Dagestan as the President Putin’s special envoy. He was accompanied during the visit by Russian deputy minister of marine and river transport Vyacheslav Ruksha.

Rashid Kaplanov, Makhachkala, Caucasus Times

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