President of Adygeya meets with ethnic communities representatives at Public Council

ADYGEIYA, October 27, Caucasus Times, – The president Sovemen of Adygeya had a meeting at the hall of House of Government in Maikop with representatives of public organizations at the established Public Council he would be the head of.

Speaking at the meeting with members of the organized Council President Sovemen has endorsed again President Putin’s proposals to overhaul political system of the country, underscored the importance of the idea of public control over authorities through the Public Chamber.

The Council was established, according to President Sovemen’s order on April 5 but actually it was formed only on September 29, two weeks after Mr. Putin had had the emergency meeting with his cabinet and all Russia’s regional governors who proposed to organize Public Council.

Of all 350 public organizations and political parties registered in the republic only a few active associations have joined the Council, such as ethnic communities educational and culture organizations of Tatar, Russian Germans, Jews, Greek and Armenian people, as well as Slavs Union in Adygeya, regional branches of political parties: “United Russia”, “Rodina” (Motherland), Communist Party and liberal democrats of Zhirinovsky.

Dinara Yemizh, Caucasus Times, Maykop

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