Police riddle a building, killing several insurgents

INGUSHETIA, February 11, Caucasus Times – Special security and police forces conducted the so-called special operation as they said against terrorists in Nazran, Caucasus Times correspondent reports citing the local residents.

According to the locals, the trigger-happy commandos besieged a house believed to be a hideout of insurgents and started shooting at the it from all types of weapons, including large caliber machine guns, and almost riddled the building. The residents of the nearby houses were not evacuated before the operation, the people said.

By all accounts, there were several unidentified young men inside the house. The police said they were given a clue that the militants might be in the building. It is not clear yet how many alleged terrorists have been destroyed in the storm.

The Interior Ministry officials declined to give details. However, one of the killed suspects is believed to be a participant of the militants’ raid on Nazran, last summer.

Hadijat Barakhoyeva, Nazran, Caucasus Times

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