Pilgrims from the whole Russia are coming to see the image of Jesus Christ on the mountain in Karachaevo-Cherkessia

KARACHAEVO-CHERKESSIA, 26 January, Caucasus Times. Believers from the whole Russia are coming to see the image of Jesus Christ going back to presumably IX century on one of the rocks in 20 km from the village of Zelenchukskaya in Karachaevo-Cherkessia.

According to Interfax-Religion, which refers to Thursday edition of Trud-7 weekly, local inhabitants brothers Varchenko were the first who discovered this image by accident on their way to hunting in the middle of 1990-ties. But, after having seen this “icon” they decided to keep their discovery in secret and during four years they were keeping their secret.

Finally, brothers informed archeologists about their finding, but did not indicate precise location of the image.

After long process of search, archeologists encountered the image eight metres long and around 2.5 metres wide. “White image of Jesus Christ was visible on the vertical rock, – Anatoly Demakov, one of the participants of the expedition, recalled. – At first sight it became clear that this image is a result of work of a real master. Our fatigue dissappeared under the influence of a charming glance of his penetrating eyes”.

Magic qualities of the image were noticed by the local inhabitants after the case of a female-astrophysicist from Nizhnii Arhyz who did not have children. She was regularly praying for the child in front of the image and after one month she became pregnant.

“Every day a lot of people from the whole Russia and some foreigners are coming here. Some want to change something in their life; some are coming to get pacification and relief,” – Victor, Father Superior of the local Ortodox parish, said.

According to experts, image on the rock in Karachaevo-Cherkessia is similar to Sinay Icon of Crist Pantocrator painted by wax colours. Trud-7 weekly noticed that comparative analysis of Sinay Icon with the image on Turin shroud of Christ, conducted by experts, detected 45 cases of concurrences.

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