Personanl bank accounts for victims of Beslan tragedy opened in the republic

NORTH OSSETIA, September 21, Caucasus Times – As of now, there have been 1046 personal accounts opened at Beslan savings bank for money transfer to the victims of terror attack at the school of Beslan from different charity funds. At total there are 1347 former hostages on the list to get the aid, the Beslan Bank office told the Caucasus Times correspondent.

Besides, the President’s Fund continues to pay compensations money for the victims in the terror attack. So far, the families who lost their loved ones have been paid 100.000 rubles ($3.448) each, 50.000 rubles for gravely injured, and the rest – 25.000 rubles. In a few days, the former hostages will have been paid, according to the Ministry of social security, the same amount of compensatory money from the federal budget.

Some local people harmed in the tragedy get $100-$172 from the Beslan municipal administration according to their applications submitted. Some money come directly to particular addresses, distributed among the families and children at their homes and in hospitals.

Asiyat Sagmatova, Caucasus Times, Vladykavkaz

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