Parliament of Kabardino-Balkaria did not approve consumer basket

KABARDINO-BALKARIA, 19 January, Caucasus Times. Salim Zhanataev, Deputy of Kabardino-Balkarian parliament, informed Caucasus Times correspondent that government is supposed to propose new consumer basket to the parliament. According to preliminary estimates, difference between old and new consumer basket will be not more than 60 rubles.

In Zhanataev’s words, consumer basket for the whole Russian Federation is now 2653 rubles per person. “A bit more meat, a bit more fish and less bread. If the parliament adds 50 rubles more, it would be fine”, – deputy said.

Results of the public opinion poll conducted by CaucasusTimes indicate that the population of Kabardino-Balkaria spend most their money on buying food.

CaucasusTimes opinion poll showed that 32% of respondents in Kabardino-Balkaria spend around half of their money on food each month. 28% of those polled indicated that they spend two thirds of their money on food with great deal of regret since there are a lot of other vital needs such as education, housing and health care.

27% of respondents indicated that they spend almost all their money on food. Only 2% admitted that they are in a desperate economic situation while 3% said they are surviving. The same number of respondents reported that they can afford almost everything.

In the course of the poll 46% of respondents reported that they put themselves in a category of those Russia’s citizens who live relatively good, that is, have a job and necessary means of subsistence.

11% of repondents want to live as in Europe and USA since they believe in high quality and standards of life there as advertised by international mass media.

Madina Dyshekova, Nalchik, Caucasus Times

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