Parliament of Adygea passed a law on republican referendum in a second reading

ADYGEA, 26 January, CaucasusTimes. Council of Republic of State Council – Hase of Adygea passed a law “On referendum in the Republic of Adygea”, which was adopted in a second reading. Vladimir Karataev, Deputy of a Lower Chamber of Republican Parliament told CaucasusTimes correspondent about the details of the process. He explained that parliamentary deputy Anatoly Osokin, Chairman of Legislation Committee of the Council of Republic, submitted a proposal to hold a second voting. Karataev said that 19 deputies who took part in the second voting passed this law.

Vyacheslav Bekukh, Head of Legal Committee of an Upper Chamber of Parliament explained CaucasusTimes correspondent that now this law should be approved by the Council of Parliamentary Representatives and after that this law will be submitted to the President who is supposed to sign the law.

Another scenario of possible development is that in case this law is not approved, it will be returned back to Lower Chamber of Parliament for overcoming veto. However, this would be possible only by the votes of the two thirds of deputies.

It it worth of mentioning that in the opinion of Adygean public, passing of law on referendum in its current format can lead to a liquidation of the republic since this law does not include a ban on holding a referendum concerning the status and borders of Adygea. It it also worth of noting that former law on referendum in Adygea which contained those norms was cancelled in summer last year on the initiative of federal authorities in the republic including Prosecutor’s Office and Ministry of Justice.

Aslan Shazzo, Maikop, Caucasus Times

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