“Open dialogue” is suspected of affiliations with Russian intelligence

Prague. 16 June. On May 22, 2019, EU Today posted the story entitled “Open Dialogue” Human Rights NGO suspected of having connections with Russian intelligence”.

With the emergence of this Polish non-governmental organization on the European arena, some members of such an influential organization as the Council of Europe cooperated with each other against “Open Dialogue”.

On the side of Lyudmila Kozlovska, the head of the Open Dialogue, are Italian Senator Roberto Rampi, German MP Frank Schwabe, Austrian MP Stefan Schonach and Dutch MP Peter Omtzigt.

Opponents accuse Lyudmila Kozlovska of lobbying interests of fugitive oligarchs in Europe, including interests of V. Platon, M. Ablyazov, N. Malyutin and A. Gagiyeva. Lyudmila Kozlovska managed to get acquainted with many influential European figures.

 “Open dialogue” was the subject of a special investigation by the Sunday Times, which published a story on April 20, 2019. The journalists concluded that the fund was involved in laundering more than 26 million pounds through companies registered in Scotland. As for Kozlovska, she does not provide any public information about the sources of funding and expenditures of her foundation.  Criminal cases have been filed against Kozlovska in Poland, Ukraine and Moldova.

The Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs included Kozlovska into “Schengen Area Information System” (SIS) as a person whose stay is not desirable in the EU until July 31, 2021. Moreover, the Polish government reasonably suspects Kozlovska of close ties with the Kremlin’s special services.

The Open Dialogue Foundation, registered in Ukraine, as well as in Poland and Belgium, conducted sabotage activities against Moldova involving opposition politicians and civic activists.

Such a conclusion was mentioned in the report of the special commission of the Moldovan parliament published on Friday, November 16, which investigated activities of the foundation in Moldova.

The Commission also concluded that “the Open Dialogue” was financed by the right pro-European opposition parties “Action and Solidarity” (Partidul Actiunea si solidaritate – PAS) led by Maya Sandu and “Dignity and Truth” (Demnitate si adavar – DA) under the leadership of Andrei Nastase.



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