Only one third of Adyghe repatriates granted residence permit in the republic permanently live in Adygeiya

ADYGEIYA, October 20, Caucasus Times – Since 1992, when the process of repatriation had started, totally 1.157 Adyghe (Circassian) persons have been granted to residence permit in Russia, 363 of them – Russian citizenship, Aidamir Anzarokov, the deputy head of the Interior Ministry passport and visa office said in his interview with the Caucasus Times correspondent. Actually, the repatriates are from Turkey – 423 persons, Syria – 281, Jordan – 154 and Yugoslavia (mainly from Kosovo) – 107. He was quoted as saying “gradually, after the first inflow of “enthusiasts” wishing to return to their fathers homeland at the very beginning, the process of repatriation may be put to an end due to the new Russian legislation amendments on naturalization having being adopted, which do not grant the repatriates simplified registration procedures. In this year over, only seven Adyghe repatriates have applied for residence permit, says Mr. Anzarokov.

Those bureaucratic delays and financial problems the repatriates face in the republic appear to be the main reasons for the repatriation decline. As of now, according to the new Russian legislation an applicant for residence permit has to verify his solvency, let alone the exhausting procedure itself, thus making almost impossible for those Adyghe repatriates who would want to return to Adygeiya.

However, the residence permit itself granting only the right for an employment, not to be employed, the repatriates still face financial problems. According to unofficial information, only 500 persons of all Adyghe repatriates who had obtained residence permit, live permanently in the republic, the Repatriates Adaptation Center officials said.

Larissa Hakuz, Caucasus Times, Adygheiya

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