One serviceman killed in clash between pro-Moscow Chechens

CHECHNYA, 20 December, Caucasus Times: Members of the local district internal affairs department [ROVD] in Chechnya’s Shatoyskiy District shot dead a serviceman of the Yug battalion yesterday, a source in the Shatoyskiy district internal affairs department has told a Caucasus Times correspondent.

The armed soldier knocked on the gate of the district police department at night, the source said. He demanded permission to enter the territory of the ROVD because, he said, he had come to see his friends – policemen. When he was denied entry, he drew his gun and opened fire in the air, demanding immediate access. On hearing the gunshots at the gate, several policemen ran out to the street and tried to appease him. The serviceman, pointing the gun at one of the law-enforcers, tried to seize his assault rifle, as a result of which he was shot. He was immediately taken to hospital, but doctors could not save his life.

Servicemen of the Yug battalion led by [Chechen Prime Minister Ramzan] Kadyrov arrived at the scene of incident on 45 vehicles the next day in order to find out the circumstances.

The investigation is continuing, the source said.

Bulat Tamaev, Grozny, Caucasus Times

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