One rebel suspect killed, another detained in Russia’s Dagestan

DAGESTAN, 3 November, Caucasus Times: A family of rebels has attacked policemen in the Dagestani town of Khasavyurt, a source in the town department of internal affairs has said.

Police launched a special operation after they had come under fire from a private house when carrying out a search. A Magomedova, born in 1983, was killed in the operation. She was described as an accomplice of rebels. Her husband, Khasan Baysultanov, who is suspected of involvement in illegal armed formations, was wounded. The [suspected] rebel was detained.

According to law-enforcement bodies, both were members of a bandit group led by Bidayev which is operating in this part of Dagestan.

None of the policemen was hurt. An investigation group is working at the scene.

Sergey Svetlov, Mahachkala, Caucasus Times

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