Nine militiamen have been injured as a result of the attack by unidentified persons on the post in Ingushetia

INGUSHETIA, 8 DECEMBER, Caucasus Times correspondent with the reference to the source in law enforcement agencies in Ingushetia informed that nine militiamen have been injured by gun fire in the attack on militia post by unknown persons in Malgobek district of Ingushetia bordering with Chechnya.

According to the source, on Thursday militiamen stopped two cars “Gazel” and “VAZ-21099” for routine examination. During the examination people in the cars opened automatic gun fire at the militiamen and started beating militiamen. Militiamen opened back fire, but unknown persons managed to escape in the direction of Chechen village of Goragorsk.

Nine militiamen including the members of special militia troops (OMON) of North Caucasus Transport Internal Affairs Office were delivered to the local hospitals in Grozny and Malgobek.

Caucasus Times

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