Nikolai Shepel: “Cells of the international terrorist network are functioning in all regions in the South of the Russian Federation and have millions of dollars at their disposal”.

MOSCOW, 11 January, Caucasus Times. Nikolai Shepel, Deputy General
Prosecutor informed journalists about that on Tuesday.

In his words, terrorist groups with unified ideology and hierarchy “are currently functioning in practically all subjects of the South Federal District of Russia including Stavropol, Astrakhan and Volgograd regions”. “Shamil Basaev is at the head of this criminal organization. He has close ties with the representatives of the international religious and extremist organizations”, – Deputy General Prosecutor indicated.

Shepel admitted that currently there are no precise numbers of the participants of the terrorist underground, but it includes “representatives of all peoples living in the South of the country” including those Russians who became Muslims.

It is worth of noting that in the opinion of a number of analysts statements made by Nikolai Shepel about the situation in the North Caucasus are often based on conjectures rather than facts.

Caucasus Times

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