News-stalls Selling Newspapers and Magazines Are Declared Illegal in Maikop

ADYGEA, 16 December, Caucasus Times. “Maikop-TV” in its evening news program aired a report on demolishing of what report characterized as “illegally built news-stalls”. Official, who was interviewed in this report, was introduced as a head of administrative and technical inspection. He explained that this is the way how the local authorities get the municipal land.

According to this official, total number of such news-stalls in the city is currently more than ten. In his words, entrepreneur Kizdermishev is the owner of those news-stalls, but he does not observe the rules and regulations defined by the authorities in May and June this year. In addition, he does not have necessary permission from the head of city administration and interdepartmental commission.

After dismantling all news-stalls were transferred to penal parking area.

However, Aslan Bezrukov, deputy of City Council, explained CaucasusTimes correspondent that in reality he is the real owner of those news-stalls, which were selling both local and federal press.

Bezrukov is well-established businessman who became succesful before his election to the City Council. At the same time, he is a founder of several advertising newspapers. Last issues of his newspapers published a number of articles with the materials against the present city mayor.

Asker Kizdermishev is a nephew of the deputy and a lease holder of the news-stalls.

Aslan Shazzo, Maikop, Caucasus Times

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