Moscow cuts the budget, provinces will have to tough it out

DAGESTAN, December 20, Caucasus Times – As Mohamed Ali Mohamedov, the governor of Dagestan forewarned, speaking at a session of local parliament, the federal government would not allocate financial assistance to the southern Russia’s provinces, including Dagestan, as the federal center had announce further budget cuts.

According to Mr. Mohamedov, the course of the federal government most likely will mean another hardships largely for the republic’s agriculture and the farmers will have to tough it out. Dagestan needs urgent financial support to maintain land resources of the republic and carry out land reclamation. Inevitably, the situation in agriculture sector would become worse, said Mr. Mohamedov said, as the regular restoration was always an essential part of soil management.

The federal government officials have planed only 19 million rubles for the next year, while the specialists say the republic will need in 2005 at least 800 million rubles to irrigate one million hectares of lands.

Rashid Kaplanov, Makhachkala, Caucasus Times

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